Security Guards Staten Island, New York
Bodyguards Staten Island NY
Licensed Security Guard Company Staten Island, NY
Security Guards Staten Island NY
Security Guards Staten Island, NY

Security guard company serving Staten Island, NY. Providing licensed Security Guards, Armed Guards and Bodyguards throughout Staten Island, New York.

There are many other services offered by USPA. Our armed guards Staten Island NY are trained to handle a wide range of emergency situations. 

Whatever kind of security you need for your business or personal reasons, contact us to work out a suitable plan for your needs. We are able to offer customized security services upon request.

Security Guard Company Staten Island, New York



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Security Guards, Armed Guards Staten Island, NY 
Security Guard Company Staten Island, NY

Do You Need Security Guards Staten Island NY?
USPA International is a licensed, bonded and insured security guard company Staten Island NY with over 2,700 contractors available internationally. We are capable of providing professional security guards to cater for a wide range of clients. We offer our services in Staten Island NY and outside of the US. All our contractors undergo the USPA Certified Contractor Program. We also screen all our contractors and employees to guarantee our clients peace of mind. Below are groups of people who use our services at USPA International. 

The people we serve at USPA

Majority of our clients are dignitaries who require close protection and secure transport services. We have worked with celebrities, top government officials and businesspersons who need highly experienced bodyguards Staten Island NY to provide the kind of protection they need due to their lifestyle. If you are a high profile client in need of trained bodyguards anywhere in Staten Island NY, don’t hesitate to contact USPA International.

Corporate clients
We also offer our services to a wide range of corporate clients. USPA International will deploy security guards Staten Island NY to take care of high risk terminations and offer secure transport. You can contact us if in need of close protection services in your business or secure transportation. We have worked with numerous banks and other financial institutions in Staten Island NY. We will provide armed security guards who are trained on how to handle firearms and provide the kind of physical protection that is desired.

Government agencies
USPA International also offers security services to government facilities. Government facilities that require close protection can contact us for reliable and highly customized service. We also handle disaster recovery security services as well as protecting energy plants in Staten Island NY and beyond. All our services are customized to suit the client’s requirements. 

Private clients
USPA International has a proven track record of working with numerous private clients. Our security guard company Staten Island NY offers protection to victims of stalking or those facing kidnapping threats. We offer close protection services to high risk individuals whose life is being threatened. Our bodyguards are trained to identify unusual situations and monitor the environment to ensure the client is in safe hands. We advise clients on how to implement changes that will enhance their safety and do all it takes to keep them uninjured. 

Many of our clients are families that benefit from our reliable child protection specialists and nanny guards. We also offer residential security for homes in Staten Island NY. In case you need secure transportation for your family, USPA International can offer this service.

Armed Guards Staten Island, New York
Security Guards Staten Island, New York
Security Guard Company Staten Island, NY
Security Guard Company Staten Island NY
Armed Security Guards Staten Island, NY
Licensed Security Guards Staten Island, NY

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