Security Guard Company Brooklyn NY
Bodyguards Brooklyn NY
Licensed Security Guard Company Brooklyn, NY
Armed Security Guards Brooklyn, NY
Armed Guards Brooklyn, New York
Security Guards Brooklyn, New York

Security guard company serving Brooklyn, NY. Providing licensed Security Guards, Armed Guards and Bodyguards throughout Brooklyn, New York.

Fast response time
Whether you need bodyguards Brooklyn NY or internationally, USPA International is capable of providing them faster than you can imagine. We have more than 2,000 USPA Certified contractors who can be deployed anywhere in the country. All you have to do is to contact us and we will send them in a moment’s notice.

Security Guard Company Brooklyn, New York



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Security Guards, Armed Guards Brooklyn, NY 
Security Guard Company Brooklyn, NY

Security Guard Company Brooklyn NY Offering Reliable Solutions
USPA International was established to fulfill the ever growing demand for special security and armed guards Brooklyn NY. Through our Certified Contractor Program, we have recruited over 3000 security guards who are well trained and skilled to provide security services in the event of a disaster as well as close protection services for various clients. We have experienced significant growth in the past few years and our security guards Brooklyn NY have a proven track record which we are highly proud of.

What sets USPA International apart from the competition?

Decades of experience
You do understand that the security needs of residential, commercial and government agencies are very complex. You need to partner with a security guard company Brooklyn NY that knows how to protect people, operations and critical information. That’s where USPA’s decades of experience in this field becomes a valuable asset to you our customer. 

Wide range of security services Brooklyn NY
At USPA International, we have an extensive team of bodyguards Brooklyn NY to provide a long list of security services for different clients. We have bodyguards trained to offer close protection services as well as armed security officers who protect items on transit. We also have child protection specialists who have been trained to take care of children who are at risk of kidnapping. USPA International also offers disaster response security services in Brooklyn as well as high risk terminations. If your business is planning on terminating large volumes of workers and needs security guards to prevent mayhem, USPA Certified contractors are just a call a way.

Highly trained contractors
All our certified contractors follow strict standards which have been put in place by USPA International. Whether you need close protection details, nanny guards or armed security officers in Brooklyn, be guaranteed that you’ll get professional contractors who have been trained on how to do the job right. We choose each security guard based on the level of training he/she has received as well as their experience in order to make sure clients are getting the best service. All our operators and employees undergo thorough screening in order to give our clients the peace of mind that indeed they chose to work with the best.

Customized security services
Our team of fully licensed and trained armed guards Brooklyn NY can offer security services to a wide range of clients. We customize each security service to make sure it fulfills the client’s needs. We mostly offer our services to dignitaries who require close protection of secure transportation services, corporate and private clients. We can also assist families who need child security or residential security services. In all these different areas, USPA has trained contractors to provide the best service.
Security Guards Brooklyn NY
Security Guards Brooklyn, New York
Security Guard Company Brooklyn, NY
Licensed Security Guards Brooklyn, NY
Security Guards Brooklyn, New York

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